A Plus A Design

A + A: The alphabet of ambition + achievement...

A: The first constituent of the alphabet

A: is Singular, Unique, Iconic

A: wears a crown that no other letter can ever own

A: used when mentioning someone or something for the first time in a text, conversation or communication

A+:The highest grade

So when you add another A to the picture, it packs double the punch at one go!

A design and branding firm started four years ago by Ajinkya Dhumal + Abhishek Kulkarni, A plus A prides itself in not just building brands, but nurturing them to the point of excellence. We explore the potential of the brand in sync with the market; beyond the market. In a manner that will endure. A+A began its unceasing quest towards creativity in January 2011 with a diverse set of client-partners. Our bold brands talk about Attitude.

They call us A+A.

Board of Directors

Ajinkya DhumalFounder, Director

"I prefer drawing to talk. Who need talk when you can draw?"

The founder-director of A + A stands tall on the firm ground of 13 years of across-the-board experience. With him, the A + A brand folio boasts some of the most prestigious projects in the market. His leadership inspires the team to give that crucial bit extra. Passion is his calling card.

Specialization in : Design Thinking, Strategic Design, Architecture and Interior Design, Environment Design, Design Management, User Centered Design.

Get in touch with Ajinkya: ajinkya@infinitydesign.in

Abhishek Kulkarni Founder, Director

"Design is the bridge that connects client to consumers."

The founder-director of A+A is a BFA graduate with a cumulative experience of over 10 years working with national and international clients. "The brand enjoys recall, only if the design is sustained well," he says. Besides he is of the opinion that each day you start from scratch -- no matter how well you worked the previous day.

Specialization in : Design Thinking, Design Strategy, Corporate Identity, Environment Design, Communication Design, Design Management, User Centered Design, Information Design & Digital+Print media.

Get in touch with Abhishek: abhishek@aplusa.co.in

Team A+A; Bachelors of Imagination

A Plus A Design

Our team consists of young, hi-energy, well-qualified designers from across the country. Different individuals all, each talent unique, but what unites them is a thirst to constantly push the envelope, and set the bar higher. To keep our creative warriors motivated, we encourage them to pursue their hobbies be it illustration, calligraphy, music, painting, photography or sports.

A typical day at work begins with a session of meditation--so we start our day in remembrance of all that is beautiful, fine and positive within the human spirit and the world around it.

Every project we handle is a fresh new canvas onto which we unleash our zeal.

In short, our team is our foremost asset and greatest tool, no matter what the challenge!